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Ashgrove Park

Decopanel were contracted by Stateland to fabricate and install signature architectural screens to the lobby of our Ashgrove Park apartment building located in Brisbane.

Decopanel fully understood the complexities of the project in terms of the fitting of the screens into the structure, an extremely tight program and the constraints of a building site – particularly one nearing the end of construction. It is often the case that speciality elements such as these come with a degree of inflexibility that significantly burdens the building process.

Whilst the project had a very dedicated construction team, we were able to work very successfully with Decopanel to ensure that their product fitted seamlessly into the project.

The success of the installation came down to Decopanel’s level of professionalism, understanding of the construction process and good communication that backs up a very good product.

The screens add significantly to the character of the building and we were very satisfied with the entire process.