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UQ Customs House

DecoPanel Design worked together with FDC Construction and Conrad Gargett Architects to refurbish a historically significant building in Brisbane CBD; UQ Customs House.

Producing a design that was clean yet innovative, DecoPanel worked together with the builders and architects to implement a strategy to realise the design intentions by not only looking great, but also the overall aim to hide an intensive mechanical duct system.

By recommending custom folding to each of the panel edges and the bolting together of cells to minimise the amount of supporting rods required, the manufacturing and installation achieved completion of the project in a much more efficient method, as construction timing was of high importance.

To ensure the quality and reliability of the final product, the design & production teams within DecoPanel Designs began the process by prototyping multiple sample cells & panels to present to the engineer and architects for approval, always with the original concept in mind.   With every triangle being unique in its size and pitch, requiring individual digitally guided folds on each edge, each complete cell was prebuilt at our Underwood site prior to being transported to Customs House for installation.

Throughout the job from initial concept to final installation, every team within DecoPanel Designs kept an active flow of communication with FDC Construction and Conrad Gargett Architects, often providing construction drawings, recommendations and prototype samples until all parties approved the proposed production.

Installation was completed with a custom made hand driven lifter to allow for the bolting together of large sections of triangles, ranging from 6-20 panels at a time.
Every triangle within each cell was raised and fixed in to position by attached it to the ceiling using concealed hanging rods hooked within the hidden folds.