After doing our research in to what’s on offer in the way of architectural and decorative panels, it became clear that the average price for mild steel panels is just too high for the average builder or home-owner to justify. Our mission is to deliver a product that looks fantastic and costs significantly less than our competitors.

We’re FAST

From the first point of contact with us our team will always do all that we can to get your panels out and installed on-site on time. We have a large stock of materials that we keep at our warehouse, along with our large CNC Router Cutter that can produce multiple panels of any design, quickly and with perfect replicas.


We understand that every project and everyone is unique, so we offer a variety of pre-defined designs and panel sizes to choose from, but we also offer design and material solutions to meet every budget. If you want something done but can’t afford it, we can suggest other, more affordable ways to achieve a similar result.


We take every job as seriously as the last. Whether you’re looking for a single panel for your backyard, or you’re planning on decorating a forty story building, we can help. With meticulous planning and over 25 years of experience working with production management, we can suggest a delivery date and time that is both suitable and realistic for everyone involved.


Our in-house designers are always coming up with new and fresh ideas and designs to suit the industry’s demands. We have a catalogue to choose from or if you prefer, you are welcome to come for a visit to discuss the look or mood you trying to create and our designers can quickly create your custom requests.


Stemming from over 28 years of experience in the sign making industry we have the know-how to get the job done. In any project problems may arise that require a fast and effective solution. It’s in these moments that an experienced professional can quickly make an assessment and decision that will see your deadlines met.